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Despite new ownership in January 2023, Hooper's will continue to evolve into a family business and continue to serve Flathead Valley residents.

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About Us

In late December of 1973, Bob and Cheri Hooper left Idaho with their two children and moved to Evergreen, Montana. They purchased Pierce Nursery in 1974 knowing nothing about the industry, but they fell in love with gardening and constructed Hooper's Garden Center two miles up the road to accommodate their successful growth. Their mission went from selling the best flowers to growing and providing plants that would thrive in the unique Flathead Valley climate. 

Over the years, the nursery of one glass house, two wooden framed houses, and one wheelbarrow, has bloomed into one of Northwest Montana's most prestigious nurseries. 49 years later, Hooper's consists of 17 greenhouses (24,000 square feet retail and 80,000 total), a large Garden Center (8,500 square feet), a plant Production Building (3,200 square feet), a vast Tree & Shrub Nursery, and a large meeting/conference area. 

After almost 50 years of business, the Hoopers have handed over the keys to new owners. Operations will remain the same to honor the legacy of Bob and Cheri.


Hooper's Garden Center will only continue to grow and produce high-quality plants, products, workshops, and education-- now that residents have seen the utmost enriching value of gardening.

Read about more about the new ownership down below!


Pansies in the tree yard (left photo), new ownership team with Bob and Cheri Hooper photographed by Hunter D'Antuono | Flathead Beacon (middle photo), geraniums in Nexus Greenhouse (right photo)

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