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Blossoming Beginnings: How Hooper's Started

In late December of 1973, Bob and Cheri Hooper left Idaho with their two children and moved to Evergreen, Montana. They purchased Pierce Nursery in 1974 knowing nothing about the industry, but they fell in love with gardening and constructed Hooper's Garden Center two miles up the road to accommodate their successful growth. Their mission went from selling the best flowers to growing and providing plants that would thrive in the unique Flathead Valley climate. 

After almost 50 years of business, the Hoopers handed over the keys to new owners in January of 2023. Hooper's Garden Center will only continue to grow and produce high-quality plants, products, workshops, and education-- now that residents have seen the utmost enriching value of gardening.

Meet the Team

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just dipping your fingers into the soil, our team of "root-preneurs" is here to guide you every step of the way. But what's our story? Well, it's a little bit like a garden- started as a tiny seed of an idea, has a mix of hard work, growing buds, and has now grown into the perfect team.

Welcome to our family, we hope to see you soon!

Phil & Kim Aitken


Michael Connolly

Lead Horticulturist/
Director of Customer Service

Mariela Lopez

Creative Director/
IT Support

Leah Morrison

Events Coordinator

Bridget  Larson

Retail Purchasing Manager/
Visual Team Co-Lead

Jeremy Fairchild

Front End Manager/
Visual Team Co-Lead

Noni Thiesson

Retail Greenhouse Co-Manager

Tyler Summers


Danneen Schluze

Head of Production

Tana Hansen

Head Grower

Want to join our team?

Meet Hoop the Bear!

Meet the United State's first-ever garden center mascot, Hoop-- the newest addition to our family at Hooper's Garden Center. 

So come on down and say hello to Hoop! Find him around our garden center & nursery to make your experience a lot cozier. 

Hooper's is a proud member of

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